Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Regarding Character creation

The setting is the old east, not completely ancient but definitely not modern. Jade Empire would be a good reference to this.

Before I can get in depth with what I'm planning, I need to know how many people are going to play and what their characters are like. Considering that most of you probably have never, ever done this before, I made an example character.

Name: Bai Hu

Archetype: Withdrawn
Role: Dutiful Soldier

Appearance: A large bipedal white tiger with metal armor. He stands seven feet tall and is a good three feet between his shoulders. A large ax rests on his back. He is blind in one eye, making it a pale white color.

GAR- 1
Mana- 3
Plot Armor- 2

Attack Disciplines:
Ax Wielding- 4
Hand to Hand- 3

Social Disciplines:
Intimidate- 3
Occult Knowledge- 1

History: Much is unknown about Bai Hu, he is the guardian of the west and spirit of the element metal, but rather his history is cluttered in a distinct lack of appearance. These days, however, when the beastman is seen, he is accompanied by a five year old girl.

Before you ask, I am not allowing beastmen. That's saved specifically for important deities. However, find me a legend you can base a non-human character off of, and I'll consider it.

Post character entries into the comments of this blog when you're prepared to submit.


First Post

This is the first post for the Far Eastern Trigger Discipline Campaign. Here I will post information about the coming games and leave messages just in case there's a problem in any coming episodes. This is also where I will leave the download link for the game logs in case anyone wants one for themselves. That being said, let me start.

This game is going to be played on IRC. Considering I'm with a bunch of people who don't normally play on anything other than a consol and World of Warcraft, you all probably don't have mIRC or something similar. That's fine. Rizon has a webchat on their page that can link up to where we're going to be playing.

I will be your storyteller. On Rizon, I'll be using the name "Writerous" to keep out any confusion thta goes with the link to this place and my e-mail.

As you can see, we're going to be using the Trigger Discipline system for this game. It's the easiest and more story influenced system I can think of. For more information, you can see this page for it's basic rules.

In this game, I'm replacing the mecha die with a "mana" die. It seems easier just to do that than to argue with you about mechs.