Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Regarding Character creation

The setting is the old east, not completely ancient but definitely not modern. Jade Empire would be a good reference to this.

Before I can get in depth with what I'm planning, I need to know how many people are going to play and what their characters are like. Considering that most of you probably have never, ever done this before, I made an example character.

Name: Bai Hu

Archetype: Withdrawn
Role: Dutiful Soldier

Appearance: A large bipedal white tiger with metal armor. He stands seven feet tall and is a good three feet between his shoulders. A large ax rests on his back. He is blind in one eye, making it a pale white color.

GAR- 1
Mana- 3
Plot Armor- 2

Attack Disciplines:
Ax Wielding- 4
Hand to Hand- 3

Social Disciplines:
Intimidate- 3
Occult Knowledge- 1

History: Much is unknown about Bai Hu, he is the guardian of the west and spirit of the element metal, but rather his history is cluttered in a distinct lack of appearance. These days, however, when the beastman is seen, he is accompanied by a five year old girl.

Before you ask, I am not allowing beastmen. That's saved specifically for important deities. However, find me a legend you can base a non-human character off of, and I'll consider it.

Post character entries into the comments of this blog when you're prepared to submit.


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